My coppermine Development version phpBB hacks

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My coppermine Development version phpBB hacks

Postby Giz » Thu Jul 10, 2003 6:25 pm

These will get redirection working properly:

In /bridge/ Find:


and after it add:


This could be whatever will get you from the phpBB2 script path in the phpBB2 board configuration to the site relative location of your gallery.

Then find inside function udb_login_page():

$target = 'login.php?redirect='.$CONFIG['ecards_more_pic_target'];

comment this out by changing it to

//$target = 'login.php?redirect='.$CONFIG['ecards_more_pic_target'];

Add this line instead:

$target = 'login.php?redirect='.PHPBB_RELATIVE_RETURN_PATH;

Again in bridge/

replace function udb_logout_page() with this one:

[php]function udb_logout_page()

$session_id = addslashes($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[PHPBB_COOKIE_PREFIX.'_sid']);
$target = 'login.php?logout=true&sid='.$session_id . '&redirect='.PHPBB_RELATIVE_RETURN_PATH;
} [/php]

This fixes the invalid_session error you get when logging out.

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