PHPWebsite 0.9.3-2 Control Panel Icons

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PHPWebsite 0.9.3-2 Control Panel Icons

Post by Giz »

I recently had the opportunity to do a clean install of 0.9.3-2. I talked to Wendall in irc, and he seemed to verify that the path to the icons has changed in the source, however, the images were not moved into the new location. This means that anyone installing is going to get broken icons.

I simply moved them from their respective module img directories to the "new" location of images/mod/controlpanel.

I went and zipped up the files, and have the zip file here for anyone who needs them in the short term.

Unzip this into the phpWebsite directory, or copy the contents to the images/mod/controlpanel directory under the phpwebsite root.
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